2013 Year End Income Report – From $12.99 To Averaging $500 Per Month In Extra Income – I Am The Example

2013 Year End Income Report – From $12.99 To Averaging $500 Per Month In Extra Income – I Am The Example

Posted on 06. Jan, 2014 by in Archived Post, Income Reports

“The results described here are my own and, therefore, are not typical. Individual results may vary based on a variety of factors.”

Amazing how fast 2013 went by…wasn’t yesterday January 1st, 2013? I hope you were able to achieve your monthly goals and dreams for 2013. I remember starting out the year determined to build upon the extra income I was earning at that time (it was round $400 a month from Ebay). As determined as I was, something in the back of my mind was telling me that it was only a matter of time before my Ebay business would come crashing down. I had goals of selling on both Ebay and Amazon, but greed came into play and, as a result, my Ebay account was suspended for a year. This happened around the time I just completed my first listings on Amazon. Oh, the feelings I had immediately after my Ebay account got suspended….I was not surprised at all. It was sadness…a little bit of despair (I started thinking “How can I create another account under a different name?” “Can I pay someone to open an account for me?” “Can I buy an Ebay account from someone?” What a shame.)…followed a strong determination to ” just do the right thing”. Enough shams and scams!!!

I knew I could do the right thing and become successful at it…..may take a little longer, but it could be done. So, I watched my income drop to $12 in March and then rebound to over $110 in April. Was I tempted to “jump the gun” and find a way to mischievously build extra income streams? Sure….but, I kept reminding myself of how I felt after the suspension and how could I honestly explain the business to my family and close friends. How could I sleep at night? I couldn’t do that while I was being mischievous, so what could make me think I could do it again. It simply wasn’t worth it and I knew I was better than that.

As you will see, my extra income jumped dramatically from June to September and I really don’t have an explanation for it. I didn’t do any advertising at all. My guess is that my items started to rank well in Amazon as a result of increased sales. I thought about using Google Adwords, but will defer until I get involved with the Fulfillment By Amazon program. If I implemented Adwords now, my competitors would benefit from it, too. I’ll explain in a later post….

Anyways, in August/September my Amazon Affiliate Commissions and Google Adsense Earnings started to kick in. I have always been a big fan of having multiple stream of income so as to avoid putting oall of your eggs in one basket. Granted, my affiliate commissions and Adsense earnings do come from one site….so, over the past few months, I have been working on spreading out my risk by developing a few more niche sites and preparing to setup an Ebay store at the end of this month.

Toward the latter part of last year, my total earnings began to pan out and it looks like I can expect around $800 per month in extra income to start out this year. Of course, as we move into the spring months that number will grow as my other sites begin to generate Amazon sales and Adsense earnings.

What did I learn:

  • Character Counts – Sure, most folks love to talk about how they build their business…how to start this and that, but few talk about how to build a business while maintaining your integrity. Check out my post titled Character Counts
  • Becoming An Amazon Affiliate Is A Good Thing – Strong, well-built, trusted brand……wide-range of products to select from…great fulfillment system in place. What more can I say? My experience and relationship with Amazon has been a positive one to say the least.
  • SEO Is Changing – I have been saying this for some time now. Keywords will become a thing of the past someday soon. Author Rank, Social Rank, Social Signals, and Google Adwords will take the place of keyword and will be a key factor in the success of a website as it relates to SERPs. Quality content and the linking of that content to profiles (Google and Facebook in particular) are things that you should pay strict attention to.
  • ProReview Theme Is Awesome – Affordable, simple setup, and easy to customize. I can’t image building a professional review site without using this theme.
  • WP Comparison Chart Is Awesome, too – This plugin is great for developing custom comparison charts. A short tutorial will be released soon on how to effectively implement this plugin. Note I list this as one of the plugins we will be using to built our niche sites.
  • Never Ever Give Up On Your Goals and Dreams – Do you have your goals and dreams for 2014 on paper? Do you have them written down in detail? Or should I ask, “Do you want to write them down?” I understand that some are reluctant to write them down, let alone, discuss them for various reasons. That’s ok, but let me ask this…..do you believe that you can achieve you goals or fulfill your dreams this year. Do you believe your dreams are worth “chasing after”? Some are not sure……others feel 100% confident that they are and that it can happen this year. Your dreams and goals should push you forward, energize you, make you enthusiastic, and encourage you. If you are struggling with your goals and dreams for 2014, don’t be disheartened…many people struggle with it as well. The good news is that it’s NEVER, EVER too late to recapture your dreams and fulfill them. As long as you can wake up in the morning, you’ve got a chance to get once step closer to making your dreams become a reality. You really need to start with putting them on paper. That’s what I did in last January 2013 and again late last week. Each goal and dream was bullet pointed, with sub bullet points for the steps needed to achieve that particular goal or dream. Doing this brought clarity and help outline my vision. Do it…..just take to time out and do it. You may struggle early on….that’s to be expected for some, but don’t give up on at least writing down you dreams and goals in bullet point form. If you need help, check with a trusted family member or friend. Have them assist….just get it done!!!!

Well, here is my total extra income breakdown for 2013. This includes Amazon sales, Amazon Affiliate Commission, and Google Adsense Earnings:

January – $443.12
February – $49.96
March – $12.99
April – $119.90
May – $128.38
June – $195.94
July – $703
August  – $981
September – $1078
October – $676
November – $823.62
December – $931.40

Total extra income for 2013$6143.31

Now, let’s break the above down even further starting with my Amazon Affiliate Commissions:

August  – $39.53
September – $105.41
October – $107.05
November – $165.19
December – $231.56

Total Amazon Affiliate Commissions$648.74 (this equates to just over 10% of my extra income, but also note that I didn’t start pulling these commissions until August)

And my Google Adsense Earnings:

September – $12.49
October – $22.17
November – $34.43
December – $26.84

Total Google Adsense Earnings$95.93 (this equates to just over 1.5% of my extra income, but also note that I didn’t start pulling these commissions until September)

My total extra income earned last year can also be broken down into an extra monthly income of $511.94. Not bad for my first full year. Need to make this grow this year. Feel free to share your 2013 experiences using the comments box below. Look forward to hearing from you……Happy New Year!!!!

9 Responses to “2013 Year End Income Report – From $12.99 To Averaging $500 Per Month In Extra Income – I Am The Example”

  1. frank joseph

    10. Jan, 2014

    Congratulations on your earnings and you are doing great!

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      12. Jan, 2014

      Thanks, Frank….

      P.S. Your website has some good info, too….

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  2. Brooke

    04. Feb, 2014

    Geeze, you make it look so easy. I’m sure (once you get things rolling) it is, but I just don’t know what I have or can get my hands on that anyone would want to buy. Aside from my affiliate links on my website, I feel like I would need a lot of start up cash to get started selling on Amazon or Ebay.

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      04. Feb, 2014

      Hi Brooke, I can assure you it was not easy. As for getting your hands onto something that others would want to buy….hold tight. Within the next week or so, I will have a post that will address your question.

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  3. Alissa

    11. Feb, 2014

    I have a ton of stuff to sell on ebay or etsy, but I just don’t have time!

    I am going to write down my goals. I’m actually going to make a blog post tomorrow with my goals for the year. Seeing this post has inspired me. And by typing this on here, I’m holding myself accountable. I WILL do it. And I will come back here tomorrow and let you all know that I did it.

    I am going to make this happen. This is my year.

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      12. Feb, 2014

      I definitely believe you will do it, Alissa…you see it, you said it, and you will do it.

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  4. Alissa

    12. Feb, 2014

    Well, I didn’t make a blog post… but I did write out my goals for February. We’ll see if I meet those goals or not. Do you have any advice or an article about how to stick to your goals?

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  5. Beatrice

    17. Feb, 2014

    Good for you that you didn’t continue to do a “mischievous” decision back then. Some people would forget their integrity when faced with such a dilemma like that. It takes courage to turn your back on something that’s too tempting. Your integrity pays off through your earnings.

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  6. Mia

    17. Feb, 2014

    For this year I have one goal: to be ready and open for every opportunity that comes my way. Last year was not my best year. I resigned at my previous job for another but that didn’t push through, I didn’t have a regular work for months and it scared me. I’m still hoping and believing that this year will be better. But I know that the only way for it to happen is if I make it better. So this year I won’t just look for an opportunity, I will do my best to make one happen.

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