6 Steps To Selling On Amazon In 5 Minutes – It’s Easier Than You Think

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Don’t think you can be up and selling on Amazon in five (5) minutes? Think again….here’s a step-by-step for those that have not watch my video tutorial on this subject. The tutorial assumes that you:

  • Have a clear understanding of Amazon’s seller expectations – which are very high as this is not Ebay
  • Have created an Amazon Individual Seller account
  • Have established a method of receiving your Amazon payment
  • Have a product or item you want to sell that is currently listed in the Amazon Marketplace by another seller
  • Have written a brief description of the condition of your product
  • Have a picture of your product or item in the event you want to show it in more detail
  • Have a product or item ready to sell and ship
  • Have a shipping process and method in place

Let’s “cut to the chase” and get it done (click on images to enlarge view):


  • Step Two – Place your mouse pointer over the “Inventory” menu which will present a drop-down and click “Add a product”


  • Notice you can enter a “product name, UPC, EAN, ISBN, or ASIN” in the “Find it on Amazon” field


  • Step Three – Enter the name of your product and click the “Search” button


  • Locate the product most similar to your product – click “See all product details” for more info on the product
  • Step Four – Click the “Sell yours” button


  • In the upper right of the page, notice “Competing Marketplace Offers” which will give you a sense of what your product is selling for new and used


  • Step Five – Complete the mandatory fields on the “Offer” tab which are:
  1. Click the drop-down arrow next to “Condition” and select the current condition of your product
  2. Add comments about the condition of your item in the “Condition Note” field (you should have this documented already)
  3. Enter your selling price in the “Your price” field
  4. Enter the quantity amount in the “Quantity” field
  5. Notice the default deliveries times under the “Shipping Option” section
  6. Also note the “Total Amount You Will Receive” – you will not receive this for a few weeks as it will be held in the event of a refund



  • Step Six – Click the “Save and Finish” button
  • Give it a few minutes and your product will be listed in the Amazon Marketplace



That’s all there is to it….very simple and straightforward, so get started today. If you have any questions or comments, please enter them in the “Comments” field below. Thanks….


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8 Responses to “6 Steps To Selling On Amazon In 5 Minutes – It’s Easier Than You Think”

  1. Sky

    13. Aug, 2013

    Bookmarking this for when I’m ready to sell on Amazon. Thanks for laying it out so clearly!

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  2. Zuri

    14. Aug, 2013

    I’m book marking also. I never thought about selling on amazon, but it might just be a great way to earn some of that passive income you write about!

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  3. John

    16. Aug, 2013

    I can’t believe how easy it is to get started!

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      16. Aug, 2013

      Those were my exact thoughts when I first began to sell on Amazon…..

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  4. Charlotte

    16. Aug, 2013

    If you’re just starting out and don’t really have your own product, what kinds of things would you recommend selling?

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      18. Aug, 2013

      That’s a good question that can be answered by identifying what products you have access to, how well do you know what you want to sell, how cheap can you get them, and most importantly, can you make a profit selling them. For example, when we got started on Ebay, we lived in Los Angeles and had access to their Garment District. As you may know, the Garment District is where some of the major retailers do their buying. My wife was very good a selecting fashionable handbags and we did our research on Ebay which lead us to believe that we could make a good profit reselling them on Ebay. So, we were able to buy handbags at a huge discount and make a decent living doing so.

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      • Charlotte

        20. Aug, 2013

        Cool. I guess the best thing to do is keep my eyes and ears open for opportunities that might be right under my nose!

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      • Sky

        22. Aug, 2013

        Cool! I never thought of looking for products like that. (Or that living in a particular area where you have access to certain places like that could be such an opportunity.)

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