About Big Dave

Hello everyone,

Instead of giving you a long-winded, 5-page story of my life, I’d rather “cut-to-the-chase” and give you a brief overview of how I got to this point in my life, and what you should expect to gain from this blog.

My name is David; I have a stunningly beautiful wife and two beautiful children. I am currently in the process of creating a passive income stream that will allow me to spend more time with the ones I love. Will it end with one income stream? Probably not, but I need to get ahead, and running an income stream can provide a consistent monthly income, whether it be $100 a month or $10,000 a month (yes, $10,000 a month is certainly doable).

How the Pursuit Began

Ten years ago, I worked as a computer technician for a small contracting company in Los Angeles. At the time, I was at the tail end of my three-year contract with the hopes of coming onboard with the department we were supporting. Well, the contract ended and I became an unemployed husband and father with no other source of income…..not a pretty picture at all.

Panic hit me like a ton of bricks, I only had enough money to pay two months rent and pay a few bills, and I mean only paying the minimum of the minimum on those bills. Well, when you’re in panic mode and have bill deadlines staring you straight in the face, time really speeds up. Some of you know exactly what I’m talking about. You get an extension on your rent, then on your utility bill, then on your phone bill, then on your car note, then on your credit card bill, and on and on and on. But, the problem was, those extensions have a limited time period and then it’s time to pay or else.

I had one additional paycheck coming from my former employer and I remember thinking to myself that I have to find something to make that check create some sort of income until I can find another job. I started doing some research and found selling on eBay a possible temporary solution to my money problems. So, my wife and I started an eBay handbag business, this ultimately grew to gross $2,000 a month with a net of around $750 per month. We built ourselves a handbag website, found a few good handbag wholesalers, and streamlined our buying, selling, and shipping process. Flipping handbags on eBay and our website became profitable for us and it was fun. Shopping for handbags with my wife was actually a good thing (yeah, I know that sounds strange, but it was cool). We spent time together building and strategizing, all the while paying our bills. We thought that we were finally on the “right road”.

After a few months, we became eBay power sellers and things were on cruise control. Then I hit a “pothole”, I became greedy and saw more expensive handbags that others were selling, and thought we should be doing the exact same thing. This caused a heated disagreement between me and my wife, but I was determined to spend more money to get these handbags and sell ‘em. Well, that didn’t turn out to be a good and lucrative move at all. I took out every penny we had, bought several handbags at a rather high price point, tried to sell them at a ridiculously high price on eBay, but unfortunately, I could not recoup our money. We took a huge loss and our handbag business never recovered.

The handbag business experience taught me a few things….two of which stood out:

  1. Don’t make final decisions regarding issues that you and your spouse passionately disagree about. Making permanent decisions in temporary circumstances is rarely a good thing.
  2. I was born to be an entrepreneur and every fiber of my body continues to cling to that belief.

After the handbag business, we really, really, really struggled financially. There was a time when my wife and I ate only beans and rice for a week, but we made sure that our daughter ate well at least. We did whatever it took to ensure that she didn’t suffer as a result of our financial mess. You can imagine how painful it was for me to see my wife and daughter struggling with poverty, they were unable to do this or that because we didn’t have the funds, mainly due to a series of horrible mistakes that I had made. The pressure I was feeling at that time was incredible, yet I continued to push forward as I truly believed that somehow, and someway, things would change for the better.

Our family and friends were life-savers, time and time again they came through for us. Whether it was for food, money, or encouragement, they lifted us up. We can’t thank them enough.

Eventually, I started working for an IT company and things really turned around for us financially. The job opened up new doors for us as we were able to travel, move into a home, help out others, and more. Life was good, and then after six years with them, we (my employer and I) had a mutual parting of ways.

I attempted to start another business, which involved flipping real estate, and while it’s still on our plate, we have been unable to get it off the ground due to a lack of finances. I started flipping websites on Flippa.com, but my heart was not in it. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy building websites and there’s good money in flipping them, but I lacked the passion to see it through. I’ll tell you now, if my heart is not into something, I do not want to waste my time doing it. Life is way too short to be involved in something that you’re not passionate about.

So, at this current time, I’m doing I.T. contract work. And, I feel that this is a prime opportunity to start a business built on passive income. I have a somewhat decent income, which allows me to pay off past debts and put some funds into an online business, I have some time to invest, I have past failures to build upon, I have a high amount of passion and motivation to get it done, and more importantly, I have my wife’s blessing to move forward with this venture. I’ll tell you, I’ve learned a lot through the years, and I wholeheartedly feel that now is the time to get this business going. And, I want you to have a bird’s eye view of my progress, with the hopes that you will learn from my successes AND failures.

What Will This Site Be About

You’re going to get an inside look at how I’m going to build this online business, a breakdown of my online income (profit and loss), and more. This site isn’t just about how it’ll be built from a strategic standpoint, but it will also focus on how to develop the correct mindset to address past, present, and future issues. It will certainly be revealing, I have to say, my wife was not too thrilled about exposing so much, but she eventually gave me her blessing to do so….whew….and really, I’m so glad she did. I appreciate you joining me on this journey, and I look forward to your input.

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