Be A Guest On The MPIB Podcast – We’d Love To Hear About Your Business

Do you have an online business that you would like to present to Big Dave, his podcast listeners and reading audience?  We’d LOVE to hear it!

Beginning in February 2014, we will invite entrepreneurs to come on the show and pitch their business to me, our listening and reading audience.  Your business will be center stage as we discuss it with you, ask questions, and offer suggestions on how to make it a strong as it can be.  We tend to gravitate to online startups, but almost all businesses will be considered (because really, the attributes of a internet entrepreneur are pretty universal).

We all know these types podcast are nothing without you, the brave, passionate, and courageous entrepreneur committed to making their business a success.  So fill out the form below and we’ll look over your business.  If we think it would make for a good discussion, we’ll let you know and start the process for getting you on the show.


  1. If we accept your request to be on the MakePassiveIncomeBlog Podcast (MPIB) , there may be some lag as we try to find a schedule that works for both parties involved.  Thanks for your patience. The current waiting time for an episode is one to two months (with our apologies for the long wait).
  2. Please do not offer Multi-level Marketing (MLM) businesses opportunities or any similar business opportunity
  3. Once we accept you as a guest, we will send you instructions on how to prepare for the podcast using Audacity and Skype. If you have an alternative method of recording your side of the interview, please let us know in advance. If you are unable to setup Audacity or Skype or have no method of recording your side of the interview, we will send you a series of questions and we will post your responses on our website.
  4. Share information with our key audience and, in some cases, establish yourself as a thought leader in a particular area or on a particular top. Provide them with useful and relevant information and keep them engaged with your business.
  5. Connect with our mobile audience – those that listen to our podcast via a mobile device



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