Five Tips To Get You On The Road To Success…And Keep You There

Five Tips To Get You On The Road To Success…And Keep You There

Posted on 23. Sep, 2013 by in Archived Post

Go And Do What You Love

If you’ve been following my post, you should have chosen a business based on what your interest are. It’s definitely easier to set aside your time and expend your energy doing something that you are interested in. You should know by now that starting an online business is not easy: you owe it to yourself, your family, and your business to select a product or service that gets you motivated.

Even after you have chosen the product or service to build your website around, there will certainly be aspects of your business that you will want to be heavily involved in and other aspects that you will want to avoid. Therefore, you will have to make a choice: learn to deal with that/those aspects or outsource those tasks.

Take social media marketing as an example, I’m not a big fan of it. Keeping my Twitter or Facebook Fan Page up-to-date is a hassle for me, so I joined Elance and hired “Virtually N Sync” to handle that aspect of my business and they have done a solid job with it. Having them shoulder this burden for me, gives me the opportunity to focus on my strengths within the business.

Maintain Your Passion For Learning

Never assume that you know it all. Who does? No one that I’ve ever known. We simply don’t know everything about every aspect of our business whether it’s marketing, product development and even some day-to-day tasks. Even though you may having started your online business within an area you are familiar with does not mean you should stop learning. Everything changes, whether it be within the field of fashion, carpet cleaning, or PC remote support. Right now, I’m taking a class on web development which is a first for me, but it’s a gap in my skill set, and second because of the sales potential for authority niche sites.

So you need to figure out what you can do to improve your skill set. What can you do to “patch up” or strengthen those areas that you are weak in? Don’t be afraid or to arrogant to admit that you have a weakness. The sooner you can admit it, the sooner you can get help to fix it.

Remember Your Business Was Created To Ultimately Work For You – Not You For It

Be very careful with the amount of time you spend working on your product or service and all the daily tasks that goes along with running a business. You must stay focused on “what will make your business successful” such as leadership and web marketing. It’s rather easy to ignore marketing during the excitement of starting your online business, but with it, your business has no chance of surviving. Now, you might come back to me and say that you started your business simply out of a love for it and that’s okay. But, you will need to substantially lower your expectations of your business’ success. No marketing means no visibility….no visibility means no traffic….no traffic means no money. You have to force yourself to love marketing or outsource it to someone a little later in the development stages of your online business.

Always Take The “Glass Is Half Full” Approach

You must stay positive…that’s what we do and who we are as entrepreneurs. The amount of time it will take to bring your online business into reality and keep it afloat will be mentally and physically exhaustive….let’s not kid ourselves. Then, you may have to deal with the IRS and other government entities. It’s extremely hard work, takes patience, and some favor.

How you deal with all of the will be crucial to the longevity of your business….and, at times, yourself. Your business should reflect your passion, enthusiasm, and “never give up” spirit. Your customers should be able to feel it….your suppliers should be able to feel it….your family and friends should be able to feel it.

Defy negativity, avoid letting your problem undercut and ruin your business by making it appear that “you just can’t do it”. Everyone, I mean everyone makes mistakes. From CEOs that run multi-billion dollar companies to “Joe”, the owner of your local mom and pop shop down the street…..we all make mistakes. Take comfort in knowing that and learn to “Stand Strong” in the face of adversity. The key will be your ability and willingness to learn from those mistakes and make the proper adjustments “on the fly”. How fast can you “get off the mat”, regain your balance, and fight for your business again? We’ll see……

Work Your A** Off

I can’t say that any other way – well, maybe I could have. Starting your online business is hard work as I mentioned earlier – we can’t get around it. If you find yourself sailing through the early stages of your business development with ease, then there is something wrong or you are very, very fortunate.

Your work ethic will be on display right off the bat. And if you are a true entrepreneur, your work ethic will shine like a light on a mountaintop. Now, I’m not saying hard work will bring you success…you can work as hard as anyone in the world, but if you don’t have a plan, forget about it. Passion, a detailed, well-coordinated plan, AND a good work ethic, will take you a long way.

Bonus – Find Some “Me Time”

I’m as serious as a heart attack. You need to MAKE quality time for yourself….some alone time. Whether it means walking your dog, jogging, working out, a walk in the park, reading your favorite novel, watching a movie, playing video games, listen to some relaxing music or whatever – find some time away from the business. Don’t let it consume you. Keep your blood pressure in check. A balanced life is important – quality time with family and friends should be invaluable. That time can never be replaced. Enjoy it….make the most of it. Do whatever it takes to stay balanced.

So, in a nutshell, develop a great product or service, create an effective marketing and delivery platform, and you should be on the road to success. Cherish each stage and document when possible. Generations are waiting to learn from you……I wish you all the best and hope you keep me informed along the way. I look forward to hearing from you.



3 Responses to “Five Tips To Get You On The Road To Success…And Keep You There”

  1. James

    25. Feb, 2014

    Well said! My passion is actually business and marketing, so I’m working on finding a way to make money doing those things. I am thinking about maybe some sort of promotional/advertising service. Or I might follow your route with the niche sites. Or maybe both. I can’t seem to make up my mind on where I want to go next. Great article.

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  2. Alissa

    25. Feb, 2014

    I have way too many passions! I start one thing and then come up with a new idea and want to work on that, then go back to the old one…. etc. over and over and over. I have too much passion. Can’t seem to stick to one thing!

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      26. Feb, 2014

      Well, it goes back to one of your earlier post in which you mentioned you need to stay focused….that’s your solution.

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