He Wants To Do What?!!! Buy My Niche Website For How Much?

He Wants To Do What?!!! Buy My Niche Website For How Much?

Posted on 17. Feb, 2014 by in Archived Post

Well, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to be notified that someone wants to buy my niche website for $1300. Woo-hoo!!! The buyer’s offer is in-line with the earnings for the site as it has been consistently earning over $100 per month. Woo-hoo!!! I have always felt that building and flipping quality niche sites (whether it’s microniche or authoritative) can be a profitable business for anyone that has the passion to do it and has a structured process in place to build the website based on the initial keywords and see it all the way through to post-sale support.

There are buyers out there that are eager to purchase a website or websites that can give them a passive income now or, with a little tweaking, can become a profitable site. These buyers want to add potentially profitable sites to their income portfolio….and you can be their supplier. Think about it for a moment….building websites around potential buyer keywords, generating up to six months of earnings and then flipping the site for up to 1ox earnings (I know the EmpireFlippers folks can get you up to 17x earnings if your site gets through their vetting process). Yeah, I know there’s more to it than that, but in a nutshell, that’s what you would be doing. But, again, your site starts with the right keywords and keyword phrases. Where can you get those keywords and keyword phrases from? You guessed it….from me….oh, what another shameless promo. Check out our Keyword Research Packages and watch what they can do for you.

I haven’t made a decision yet on whether or not I will sell it, but should have an answer for him this week. I want you to experience what I’m feeling now which is pure excitement and that’s why I look forward to my upcoming niche site giveaway. I will also give away a Keyword Research Packages that fits the site I’ll be giving away. I can’t tell you how excited I am about the giveaway, but first things first, I need to generate more buzz about the niche site giveaway and am looking at various strategies to get the word out. If you have any ideas, please let me know.

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  1. James

    17. Feb, 2014

    1) I took a look at your Keyword Research Packages and I didn’t see prices listed. Is there somewhere that I can view the costs?

    2) Do you think it is more profitable to flip the niche sites or hold onto them?

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      17. Feb, 2014

      Hi James,

      Thanks for your interest in the Keyword Research Packages….prices should be up tonight. Tomorrow, at the latest….
      As for your second question, well, it really depends on what your short-term and long-term objectives are. For quick money, sell now…if you enjoy watching monthly deposits being made in your bank account, then hold on to your website.

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  2. Brooke

    18. Feb, 2014

    Thanks awesome Dave. It seems that in essence, your niche website is like a savings account. The passive income you make each month is great, but you’re always creating value that you can possibly cash in on in the future.

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  3. James

    22. Feb, 2014

    I saw the package prices you posted. Your prices are definitely reasonable. I’m going to have to think about it a bit, but I’ll more than likely end up purchasing a Keyword Research Package in the not so distant future.

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  4. Frank Joseph

    26. Feb, 2014

    Yeah, I know the feeling of getting prospective buyers request. 😀

    And since the buyer started from there, you can choose to increase the price a bit 😀

    And about your question, the best way to reach out to a lot of people concerning the giveaway is to publish on Internet Marketing Blogs… But sometimes, that does not come free.

    Between, thanks for that keyword giveaway, it means your package will be overloaded!

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  5. Niche Guy

    16. Jul, 2014

    Hey Big Dave,

    It’s great that you were offered that much, have you sold it yet?
    Also thought (if you wouldn’t mind) to introduce a service of expired domains that would go “hand in hand” with the keyword packages you are selling. Since this can definitely help someone that wants to boost up their niches sites in the serps.
    Oh and the name of the site is Domainpeel.com
    Take a look, when you get the chance.


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