If Your Website Could Have An Affair With Another Webhost, It Would Be With Bluehost

If Your Website Could Have An Affair With Another Webhost, It Would Be With Bluehost

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If you are planning to buy or build a website, you will ultimately need a web hosting company to host your website and you will benefit from leveraging their technology and support. Have you heard of Bluehost? If you are not familiar with Bluehost, it is a very good web hosting company that is now offering their web hosting services for $4.95 per month which is a great deal. The company was established in 1996 and is located in Utah. Even without their current special offer, Bluehost offers hosting for business and individuals at a very reasonable price. Bluehost currently hosts over a million domains and you can understand why as each month over twenty thousand customers sign up for their services.


Bluehost offers many hosting features and services. Some of their services include a U.S.-based customer support team that is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Customers receive unlimited domain hosting along with a free drag and drop site builder which has just been an added feature and bonus for Bluehost customers. Customers are also allowed to add on domains anytime and at no additional cost. Search engine submission is also unlimited which will promote your site for no additional cost.

Added Benefits for Website Scripts:

Bluehost brings added benefits for website scripts such as social networking scripts which is an added bonus as social media has become the best way to promote and advertise your website. Blogging support is added for WordPress. A poll and survey software is also available at no additional cost.

E-Commerce Features with Bluehost:

For E-Commerce websites, Bluehost offers amazing tools that are available for free. You can use a SSL secure sever, password protected directories and a free generated certificate. For shopping carts, Bluehost features Agora, Cube Cart, OS Commerce and Zen cart shopping cart for all their E-Commerce website hosting customers.

Bluehost Technology:

Bluehost uses the most updated technology available. There will be a UPS power backup along with a Linux operating system available. There are multiple ten gigabit Ethernet connections available plus courtesy site backups. All of these are important to any business big or small.


Again, at Bluehost you can get your own professional webhosting for only $3.95 each month. That is an amazing price that gives you all the features and benefits. There isn’t any additional cost after the first month. The best benefit of the price at Bluehost is there is a money back guarantee. If you are not happy with their service, at any time, you can request your money back with no questions asked.

Dedicated Servers:

At Bluehost you can get a dedicated server meaning you don’t have to worry about the server being shared with hundreds of other customers as your server will be yours and dedicated to you specifically. The dedicated server comes with custom built components along with free software such as CentOS, industrial Intel Xeon processors. There is customer support available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to assist with any server updates or issues.

Bluehost Reseller:

A business can offer their clients hosting when you become a web hosting reseller. Bluehost offers three different plans for resellers. Depending on your clients you can select affordable hosting for your clients. The prices range from $19.95 a month to $99.95 a month. The minimum disk space for the lowest price is 100GB. You can offer free domains along with unlimited accounts are available.

Overall thoughts:

Bluehost is one of the top web hosting companies available. They have been my hosting company for several years and I expect this partnership to continue for several more. The prices are amazing as well as the features that are offered. You can’t find a better web hosting company that offers so much unlimited benefits and features. Bluehost is an experience hosting company that knows what individuals and businesses are looking for with web hosting and they go beyond and above all he needs. Am I a Bluehost affiliate? Why, yes I am as I believe in the product and services. I have mentioned this before and I’ll mention it again….I will only promote products or services that I trust and believe in. Bluehost is one of them….if you would like to utilize Bluehost as your site’s webhost, I would appreciate it if you would please use the affiliate link to your right (you may need to scroll down – it is located under the “Search” field) or below….ignore the $6.95 on the affiliate banner as the current offer is $4.95 per month.


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5 Responses to “If Your Website Could Have An Affair With Another Webhost, It Would Be With Bluehost”

  1. Sky

    14. Aug, 2013

    Only $4.95 a month? Wow. That’s pretty incredible. I certainly haven’t found another webhost that cheap before. It’s definitely a great deal for everyone. I just renewed my webhost service but I am curious about Bluehost now, might have to try it in the future.

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  2. John

    16. Aug, 2013

    $4.95 / month really is a great deal! Are you locked in for at that rate?

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  3. James

    25. Feb, 2014

    Is this deal still available? I know this article is from August of last year… Does the price go up after the first year? I know GoDaddy offers 12/first year and then it goes up quite a bit the next year…

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