SOLD!!! Keyword Research Package #1 On Sale For $95

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This package has been sold!!!

Our Keyword Research Packages will:

  • Reveal niche money-making opportunities for you within Amazon, Clickbank, and Adsense
  • Expose your business to opportunities that can deliver fast wins for niche phrases to drive more traffic to your website
  • Separate non-buyer phrases from buyer specific phrases that could lead to more sales
  • Help increase your current web traffic levels
  • Help funnel  potential buyers to your website as the keywords we identify are potential buyer keywords
  • Give you tips on how to leverage keywords provided on your current or new website
  • Allow you to leverage our keyword research tools and experience for your benefit

Once your website targets the primary, secondary keywords, and any remaining longtail keywords we supply to you – even those that generate a moderate to low number of searches on average – it should provide a steady boost in traffic to your website. Our Keyword Research Packages are very useful in helping you identify a wide variety of possible terms that can be used to build new Authoritative or Microniche Amazon Affiliate Sites and Clickbank Sites. Or you can build content around our keywords and add it to your existing website. Either way, by taking full advantage of our Keyword Research Packages, you open the door to the possibility of increasing earnings from Amazon and Clickbank, while generating a good amount of traffic that can be driven to your website from the organic search results.

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List will be given only to the buyer of Package #1 and will not be resold


  • Niche – Amazon
  • Authority or Microniche Site Recommendation – Authority
  • Local Monthly Search Volume for Main Keyword – 3600
  • Current Keyword Competition Score for Main Keyword – only 26!
  • Local Monthly Search Volume for Secondary Keyword – 2400
  • Current Keyword Competition Score for Secondary Keyword – only 28!
  • Total number of Related Keywords – 667
  • 43 keywords with average KC Scores of only 29!
  • Related products in Amazon – 80+ related (you can promote these Amazon products on your niche website and earn Amazon commissions)
  • The main keyword and most of the related keywords in this niche have to do with a specific type of product. There are several different brands that sell this type of product and in a variety of forms.

Related keywords with KC of 30 or less – 28

Related keywords with KC of 31 to 59 – 15

Click Here to see the actual spreadsheet (with keywords hidden) containing statistics for all of these keywords

Amazon Products

  • # of Search Results in Amazon for this keyword – 591+
  • # of Specific Products related to the main keyword – 80+
  • Amazon commissions earned on related products range from $1 up to $78 per product sold!
  • Amazon products for the related keyword are in their Appliances category

You will receive two sortable lists in HTML format containing Amazon products related to the main and secondary keywords. Amazon products are also available for several other related keywords.

Want to purchase this Keyword Research Package? Be ready….it will be available 2/16/14

You will receive the following once your order has been processed:

  • A custom report for your set of keywords
  • Report delivered both as a Google doc or Microsoft Excel and as a downloadable PDF
  • Spreadsheet containing all of your keywords and relevant statistics
  • Custom html list of specific Amazon products for your niche

Keyword columns in the Excel Spreadsheet you will receive:

  • Column One

Keywords (#)
Main Keyword
Secondary Keyword

  • Column Two

Avg. CPC – The average amount an advertiser pays when somebody clicks on their ad on your website

  • Column Three

Local Searches – The approximate number of (US) search queries matching each keyword result

  • Column Four

Global Searches – The approximate number of global search queries matching each keyword result

  • Column Five

Advertiser Competition – Measure the level of competition amongst advertisers willing to spend money in a particular market or niche

  • Column Six

Avg KC (Keyword Competition) – takes several factors into consideration and then measures the overall authority and quality of a website based on the keyword provided

Tips from Big Dave

  • I highly recommend using the ProReview theme for your niche review site
  • Ranking for keywords given should be fairly easy and can be done by writing quality content (minimum 1000+ words for primary and secondary keywords followed by 500+ words for related keywords)
  • Articles can be completed by freelancers on oDesk, Elance, or
  • Any backlinks should be natural only for the first month or so as you let your new niche site “marinate”. Afterwards, a few high-quality backlinks should be sufficient to give your site a solid boost in the SERPs.

***All Sales Are Final***

If you are interested in purchasing this report, please fill out the form below and enter “Package 1” in the “Package” field:

Sorry, this has been SOLD!!!

Packages are sold on a “first come, first serve” basis. When a package becomes available, we will notify everyone via email on our list of the availability.  The first one to notify us of their intent to buy via a reply the email will receive a Paypal invoice via email and be given 24hrs to purchase. After the purchase, the buyer will receive, via email, our Keyword Research Report. Filling out the form above will gives us permission to add you to on the list to receive future notifications of available Keyword Research Packages.

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