Monthly Income Report – August 2013 – Unpredictable and Uncensored – Nearing $1,000 Pure Profit Per Month

Monthly Income Report – August 2013 – Unpredictable and Uncensored – Nearing $1,000 Pure Profit Per Month

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“The results described here are my own and, therefore, are not typical. Individual results may vary based on a variety of factors.”

Hopefully, these income reports will help motivate and encourage you while you build your passive income streams. They show that you can recover from any pothole on the road to passive income success. Please note the monthly numbers have been adjusted to reflect ANY refunds and expenses thereby leaving only my net profit.

So, as some of you may know, last month I had to use some of my profits to pay off an item on my credit report and I did.  See below:


And here is where it was paid thanks to my Amazon profits:


Normally, those profits would be reinvested back into my ventures with the remaining used to pay a household bill or two. Thankfully, this month my Amazon sales and commissions have continued to grow even as the competition on Amazon gets a little more challenging. Plus, I have added Google Adsense to my niche site…the Adsense earnings were small, but that’s exactly how my Amazon business began.

How to deal with your competitors is a whole ‘nother topic and deserves its own blog post or two. During my scans of the Amazon Seller Forums, price “undercutting” appears to be a big problem that will probably be around for as long as the Amazon Marketplace exist. Sellers (new and experienced alike) have been driven from Amazon’s marketplace as a result of price undercutting. If you intend to sell in the Amazon Marketplace and you do not have an exclusive license to sell your item or you have not manufactured your item, you can expect competitors to “swoop” in and start selling your item at a cheaper price with the hopes of driving you out of the Marketplace. You need to learn how to deal with such tactics and I will show you how to do just that in an upcoming post.

Back to this months’ income report. I am amazed at how far I have come with Amazon. From $12.99 total in March of this year to nearly $1,000 pure profit in last month (August). Wow….that’s freakin’ amazing. Even so, I have to remember that the Amazon business is simply a stepping stone in a larger plan….just a phase. In January, I’ll crank up Ebay and look to reach the same levels with the hopes of pulling $1,000 a month pure profit from each. Below, you will see an “Upcoming Payment Schedule” from Amazon. Please note the Sep 1, 2013 transfer initiation date:


Here’s the “Sep 1, 2013” deposit to my checking account:


Let’s review Augusts’ income:

August 2013 Income: $1315 (Amazon Total Sales – numbers rounded up to the nearest dollar)
August 2013 Cost/Expenses: $376 (simply put, for now, this my cost for products, packaging, shipping, business-related purchases and any)
August 2013 Net Profit: $939

There were ninety-five (95) total orders for the month of August, therefore:

Total Orders = 95 orders – 1 refunds = 94 orders (up from 20 in July)
$939 (Total Net Profit)/ orders = $9.88 per order (up from last month)

Now, here is what I earned from my niche site,

Amazon Items Shipped = 13
Amazon Commissions = $39.53
Adsense Earnings = $3.05
Total August Earnings From Niche Site = $42.58

Let’s combine them all:

Total Amazon Sales = $939
Total Amazon Commissions = $39.53
Total Adsense Earnings = $3.05
Total August Profit = $981.58

$981/950 minutes total (15.83hrs.) = $61.97 per hour (up from last month)

$61.97 per hour sounds great, but preparing and packaging orders is not what I consider passive income, rather active income. Once I transition my product fulfillment process to Amazon, then it can be considered true passive income. I’ll let you know when that takes place. Need two more months of 50+ orders each and the transition will begin.

September Goals

  • $1,000 per month pure profit from Amazon
  • $50 Amazon commissions
  • $5 Adsense earnings
  • Complete addition of two Virtual Assistants to help with building relationships with other bloggers ($60 per week)
  • Increase the limit of my Capitol One secured credit card from $200 to $300 (ultimately, this will be raised to $2,000) – remember this is a part of my credit rebuilding program


  •  Setup emergency fund
  • Look into healthcare coverage for me and my wife

Coming Down The Pipe

  • In an effort to slowly increase my Adsense earnings, I plan to begin SEO work on my niche site starting in October. Look at the numbers for my site below (click image below). Remember, I have done essentially no SEO work on the site. I’ll revisit the numbers about a month or two after we implement our SEO strategy.


Intermediate Goals (within the next one to three years)

  • Combined $10,000 per month from multiple income streams
  • Payoff $3600 negative item on credit report (use profit from income streams – need to determine how much per month to set aside)
  • $20,000 in the bank for a down payment on a house (use profit from income streams – need to determine how much per month to set aside)

Long Term Goals (within next five to ten years)

  • Buy a house
  • Become debt free
  • Payoff daughter’s college tuition
  • Buy my parents a house
  • Payoff mortgage for my father/mother-in-laws home
  • Begin charitable organization

Well, I hope you can envision doing something similar or greater than what I’m doing now. I can certainly see you doing it….but, if you can’t “see” yourself pulling in $100, $200, $300, $400, $500 or more per month in pure profit, then your mind and body will react to that thought and not do it. If you can see yourself doing it, then get started by reading some of my earlier post on “Passive Income Basics”. C’mon, get to it….

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