Monthly Income Report – February 2014 – Made Over $2300 In Total Profit…But There’s A BIG Catch

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Hopefully, these income reports will help motivate and encourage you while you build your passive income streams. They show that you can recover from any pothole on the road to passive income success. Please note the monthly numbers have been adjusted to reflect ANY refunds and expenses thereby leaving only my net profit.

Let’s review February’s income:

Amazon Sales

My sales took a big dip in February. Why? My Amazon selling privileges were temporarily restricted. Why? One line of my products were found to be defective and thus I received three straight refunds which triggered a restriction of sales. So, I lost a weeks worth of sales and now I’m in the process of finding a solution to fix the issue with my product. It’s doable, but the week of lost sales hurt. If you intend to sell a “functional” product on Amazon, make sure you fully test your product prior to shipping. We test all of our products, but this item in particular has several features and we typically do not test every feature. Lesson learned….

  • February 2014 Amazon Sales Revenue: $1111 (down from last month – Amazon Total Sales – numbers rounded up to the nearest dollar)
  • February 2014 Total Cost/Expenses: $329 (down from last month – simply put, for now, this my cost for products, packaging, shipping, business-related purchases and any)
  • February 2014 Amazon Sales Net Profit: $692 (down from last month)

Below, you will see my upcoming February deposits from Amazon. You can see how the Amazon seller restrictions impacted my overall sales:


There were fifty-four (54) total orders for the month of February, therefore:

Total Orders = 54 orders (down 21 from January 2014)
$692 (Total Net Profit)/ 54 orders = $12.81 per order (down from January 2014)

Amazon Affiliate Commissions

My Amazon Affiliate Commissions slid just a tad and this was expected as February tends to be a slow sales month in general.  In February, my total commissions were around $119.99. With the sell of my portable washer and dryer site, my focus now turns to build up my other niche sites and ramping up my “Keyword Research Service”.

Now, here is what I earned from my former niche site,

Amazon Items Shipped = 50 (up from January 2014)
Amazon Commissions = $119.99 (down from January 2014)

Adsense Earnings = $25.79 (up from January)

My Adsense earnings will take a hit in March as it was tied to my niche site. With the niche site sold, I do not expect to earn any earnings for the month of March. Doesn’t mean it absolutely will not happen, but my expectations are very low.


Total December Earnings From Niche Site = $145.78 (down from January)

Let’s combine them all:

Total Amazon Sales Profit = $692
Total Amazon Commissions = $119.99
Total Adsense Earnings = $25.79
*Total SEO Expenses = $110
*Niche Site Sold = $1590 (Read about my niche site sell here)
Total February Profit = $2317.78 (up from January)

$2317.78/540 minutes total (9hrs.) = $257.53 per hour (up from last month)

*SEO team helping with my niche sites

Last Month Goals

  • $1,000 per month pure profit from Amazon – Done…well, not exactly as the sell of my website bailed me out
  • $100 Amazon commissions – Done
  • $20 Adsense earnings – Done
  • Continue SEO on niche site Done…with the sell of my niche site, I will now focus SEO efforts on my other sites
  • Increase the limit of my Capitol One secured credit card to $300 (ultimately, this will be raised to $2,000) as a part of my credit rebuilding program – Done…thanks to the niche site sell

March Goals

  • $1,000 per month pure profit from Amazon
  • $10 Amazon commissions
  • $5 Adsense earnings
  • Increase the limit of my Capitol One secured credit card to $450 (ultimately, this will be raised to $2,000) – remember this is a part of my credit rebuilding program (see below). Hey, you have to start somewhere. Remember, I hit rock bottom in 2012 and now I’m working my way back up the “credit hill”. I’ll get there….believe me, I will. And, if you are in a similar situation, with a similar passion and desire to get out of the “credit ditch”, I believe you will, too.


Coming Down The Pipe

  • Complete more “MPIB Podcasts” and offer more “Keyword Research Packages”

Intermediate Goals (within the next one to three years)

  • Combined $10,000 per month from multiple income streams
  • Payoff $3600 negative item on credit report (use profit from income streams – need to determine how much per month to set aside)
  • $20,000 in the bank for a down payment on a house (use profit from income streams – need to determine how much per month to set aside)

Long Term Goals (within next five to ten years)

  • Buy a house
  • Become debt free
  • Payoff daughter’s college tuition
  • Buy my parents a house
  • Payoff mortgage for my father/mother-in-laws home
  • Begin charitable organization

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