Monthly Income Report – June 2013 – Orders increased, but profits decreased?

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“The results described here are my own and, therefore, are not typical. Individual results may vary based on a variety of factors.”

Hopefully, these income reports will help motivate and encourage you while you build your passive income streams. They show that you can recover from any pothole on the road to passive income success. Please note the monthly numbers have been adjusted to reflect ANY refunds and expenses thereby leaving only my net profit. I take half of my net and reinvest….the remaining is used to pay one or more monthly household bill(s)  such as our cell phones, insurance, internet, food, utilities, etc.

June 2013 Income: $306.44 (Amazon Sales)
June Cost/Expenses: $110.50 (simply put, for now, this my cost for products, packaging, shipping, business-related purchases and any refunds – I had to purchase two 4GB and two 8GB USBs for some orders which increased my expenses)
June 2013 Net Profit: $195.94

Below, you will find the standard “Seller Notification” emails that I receive from Amazon once a customer buys one of my items. I certainly enjoy receive those emails….


I had twenty-one (21) orders for the month of June, therefore:
Total Orders = 21 (up from 12 in May)
$195.94 (Total Net Profit)/21 orders = $9.33 per order (down from last month)
$195.94/210 minutes per order (3.5hrs.) = $55.98 per hour (down from last month)

$55.98 per hour sounds great, but preparing and packaging orders is not what I consider passive income, rather active income. Once I transition my product fulfillment process to Amazon, then it can be considered true passive income. I’ll let you know when that takes place.

On another topic, my Amazon Seller Account Health is looking good:


In hindsight, I should have taken a picture of my account status just prior to 3/6/13….that’s when my selling privileges were restricted due to poor performance (outlined in red in the snapshot above). As you can see, I’ve worked hard to get it turned around. Just shows that “you can recover from a fall…”.

5 Responses to “Monthly Income Report – June 2013 – Orders increased, but profits decreased?”

  1. Frank

    11. Jul, 2013

    You should concentrate on transactionalising your business and increasing the number of transactions. The avg deal size will go up incrementally.

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  2. Jack

    21. Jul, 2013

    Your avg deal size has droped.
    You should try and get customers to buy additional complementary products

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  3. John

    13. Aug, 2013

    Even if your hourly earnings are down from last month, almost $56 / hour is still good!

    To Frank’s point, you should try focusing on increasing volume, even if it means reducing your margin’s slightly.

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  4. Sky

    19. Aug, 2013

    $56 an hour is still great! Though Frank and John may be on to something with increasing volume.

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  5. Jessie

    26. Feb, 2014

    Poor performance as in what? Customer service? I would hope they don’t penalize you for not selling enough… that would be strange.

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