Monthly Income Report – October 2013 – Amazon Sales Dip, But Amazon Affiliate and Adsense Continue To Grow

Monthly Income Report – October 2013 – Amazon Sales Dip, But Amazon Affiliate and Adsense Continue To Grow

Posted on 03. Nov, 2013 by in Archived Post, Income Reports

“The results described here are my own and, therefore, are not typical. Individual results may vary based on a variety of factors.”

Hopefully, these income reports will help motivate and encourage you while you build your passive income streams. They show that you can recover from any pothole on the road to passive income success. Please note the monthly numbers have been adjusted to reflect ANY refunds and expenses thereby leaving only my net profit.

Let’s review Octobers’ income:

Amazon Sales

Unfortunately, I suffered nearly a 15% drop in total sales which I am going to contribute to your typical sales “ebb and flow”…nothing in particular, simply the usual ups and downs of the business. And, I expect it to slow down even further with the holidays coming up. After that, I do believe my sales will pick up again. Still pleased with my profit, though.

October 2013 Amazon Sales Revenue: $1112 (Amazon Total Sales – numbers rounded up to the nearest dollar)
October 2013 Total Cost/Expenses: $302 (simply put, for now, this my cost for products, packaging, shipping, business-related purchases and any)
October 2013 Amazon Sales Net Profit: $810 (down from last month)

Below, you will see my upcoming November deposits from Amazon:


There were eighty (80) total orders for the month of October, therefore:

Total Orders = 80 orders – 1 refund = 79 orders (down 11 from September)
$810 (Total Net Profit)/ 79 orders = $10.25 per order (down from September)

Amazon Affiliate Commissions

My Amazon Affiliate commissions for October rose slightly and could have been higher had Amazon shipped all of the orders prior to November 1st. Regardless, I’m very pleased with their affiliate program and look forward to building more Amazon review sites.  In October, my total commissions were around $107.05. I expect November and December to be good commission months with the holidays and Black Friday.

Now, here is what I earned from my niche site,

Amazon Items Shipped = 34 (up from September)
Amazon Commissions = $107.05 (up from September)
Adsense Earnings = $22.17 (up from September)


Total October Earnings From Niche Site = $129.22 (up from September)

Let’s combine them all:

Total Amazon Sales Profit = $810
Total Amazon Commissions = $107.05
Total Adsense Earnings = $22.17
*Total VA Expense and SEO Expenses = $263
Total September Profit = $676.22

$676.22/790 minutes total (13hrs.) = $52.01 per hour (down from last month)

$52.01 per hour sounds great, but preparing and packaging orders is not what I consider passive income, rather active income. Once I transition my product fulfillment process to Amazon, then it can be considered true passive income. Need one more month of 50+ orders each and the transition will begin….I know, I know, I said that last month. I’m slacking when it comes to getting it done. Have consistently surpassed 50 sales for the past few months, so it’s definitely time to make the transition.

*VA’s (Virtual Assistants) have been helping me with my social media plan while I’ve brought in an SEO team to help with my niche sites and other sites I’m currently working on.

Last Month Goals

  • $1,000 per month pure profit from Amazon – Incomplete
  • $100 Amazon commissions – Done
  • $20 Adsense earnings – Done
  • Start SEO on niche site Done
  • Increase the limit of my Capitol One secured credit card to $300 (ultimately, this will be raised to $2,000) as a part of my credit rebuilding program – Incomplete
  • Setup emergency fund – Completed

November Goals

  • $1,000 per month pure profit from Amazon
  • $100 Amazon commissions
  • $20 Adsense earnings
  • Increase the limit of my Capitol One secured credit card to $350 (ultimately, this will be raised to $2,000) – remember this is a part of my credit rebuilding program
  •  Look into healthcare coverage for me and my wife – this is a “must do” as well

Coming Down The Pipe

  • I plan to provide a thorough, step-by-step on “How To Build An Amazon Affiliate Niche Website” which I believe will be useful to someone AND I plan to give away the site that will be built in the tutorial for FREE. Shhhhh…..that’s between me and you, though. Don’t tell anyone about it.

Intermediate Goals (within the next one to three years)

  • Combined $10,000 per month from multiple income streams
  • Payoff $3600 negative item on credit report (use profit from income streams – need to determine how much per month to set aside)
  • $20,000 in the bank for a down payment on a house (use profit from income streams – need to determine how much per month to set aside)

Long Term Goals (within next five to ten years)

  • Buy a house
  • Become debt free
  • Payoff daughter’s college tuition
  • Buy my parents a house
  • Payoff mortgage for my father/mother-in-laws home
  • Begin charitable organization

12 Responses to “Monthly Income Report – October 2013 – Amazon Sales Dip, But Amazon Affiliate and Adsense Continue To Grow”

  1. frank joseph

    04. Nov, 2013

    You are doing absolutely well with your niche site, i have one niche site earning $250 per month and unfortunately got banned for breaking Amazon TOS.

    Am going to start again very soon and this time, i will ensure i do the right thing.

    Between, you are not supposed to show your adsense stat, you might get banned for it.

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      05. Nov, 2013

      Hey Frank,

      I didn’t know that….I’ll contact them tomorrow and if that is the case, I’ll remove the stats. Thanks for the notice….

      Reply to this comment
      • Matthew Allen

        12. Nov, 2013

        It’s okay to share overall Adsence income. They just don’t want you sharing your CTR for some reason. Just make sure to read through the Terms of Service carefully. It’s all laid out in there. Confusing – but it’s all there.

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  2. Adley

    04. Nov, 2013

    Big Dave,

    I’m loving the website! I like how you track all of your profits and say your specific numbers! I need to keep better track of my numbers on eBay. I am just now dipping into Amazon but I will be trying to get more inventory for Amazon starting this month. I also hope to get signed up for Amazon FBA once I get more sales.

    My eBay sales were at an all time high for last month. I made a 1,200 goal for sales and I actually made over $2,000! I was amazed and I will try to make even more this month.

    Great post!

    Reply to this comment
    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      05. Nov, 2013

      Hey Adley,

      Glad you like the site…the number tracking is so important in regards to long-term online success whether its Amazon, Ebay, etc.. Identifying your true profit early on will help you determine if what you’re doing on Ebay or Amazon is sustainable or not. Glad to hear about your Ebay sales as well. Wish you much more success and keep us updated…

      Reply to this comment
  3. Matthew Allen

    12. Nov, 2013

    Big Dave! – How are you getting Amazon sales? Drop shipping? Do you sell the actual product? Sorry if this has been answered previously on the blog, I’m new here.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting a couple of times.

    Reply to this comment
    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      13. Nov, 2013

      Hi Matt, I’m certainly glad that you have dropped in and commented on my blogs as well. Appreciate that….I enjoy reading your well-documented blogs and learning from your experiences.

      As for my Amazon sales, I’m selling actual products…to be more specifics, items that help customers fix their PCs. No drop shipping involved. Most of the products I build on USBs and ship direct to customers.

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  4. Jill R. Slusser

    05. Dec, 2013

    Very inspirational, interesting to see how the figures stack up.

    I hope we can see an end of year report next month too, show how much you spent, total time spent, an also total income from the blog??

    Reply to this comment
    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      06. Dec, 2013

      Hi Jill,

      A year end review is a good idea…may take some time to put it together, but will be worth it. Thanks for the suggestion….

      P.S. At this time, I am not making any income from this blog. We’ll see if that changes next year….

      Reply to this comment
  5. Beatrice

    21. Feb, 2014

    I love how you set up goals for the future, despite your site doing well. It just goes to show that you’re determined to do better every time. Can’t wait to read more stuff like this from you. Keep up this great work!

    Reply to this comment
  6. Gale

    21. Feb, 2014

    Dave, I think it’s okay to experience drop down in sales. It happens to all of us. What’s important is that you stay positive despite the drops, just like you how you remain so positive. Also, congrats on your Amazon Affiliate Commissions and Adsense earnings!

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  7. Mia

    21. Feb, 2014

    Now I really am inspired by your work, Dave! You’re a really hard working man. I think, with the rate things are going, you’ll be able to cross off your long term goals one by one soon. And I hope we’ll hear about it too!

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