Need A Webhosting Company That You Can Trust? I’ve Got One For You

Need A Webhosting Company That You Can Trust? I’ve Got One For You

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The way to know that a company wants new business is in the services that they offer consumers. Bluehost realizes that more and more people are building websites with the intention of creating passive income. People want the possibility of success with online passive income as easily and as cost effective as they can get it. Bluehost offers a suite of web hosting services and support paths that show they are concerned about their customers’ success as well as their loyalty. I’ve been with Bluehost for nearly seven years and have only had to contact them one time regarding an issue with one of my sites. As such, I have now become one of their affiliates as I believe in what they offer, feel their prices are fair and affordable, love the abundance of tools they provide, and am pleased with their customer support.

There are simple signs to watch out for to know when looking for a web hosting company. Extremely low prices for sign up are one of them – sometimes low prices are an indicator of the quality of services and support a company offers. So, don’t fall for the “low price” trap. offers competitive prices for their webhosting services. Oftentimes, the company offers monthly sales and specials that new customers may find very attractive and affordable.

It is easy to see why pricing would be a factor for someone who is looking to create an online business – I know it’s important to me. All business owners want to limit or minimize their expenses with the exception of marketing cost. The goal is to create an attractive, beneficial, engaging and feature-rich website that you can promote the heck out of.

The company offers a free product named Site Builder. This way of creating the design of a web site is somewhat limited, but it does allow someone to experiment with or “Test Drive” web design ideas before putting their website out for all to see. Since this feature is rather easy to use it can help a person who has very little experience with building web pages.

Bluehost knows that potential customers like to feel certain about their choices before making a purchase. Knowing that, they allow users to login to a demo site and create a page with many of the features they would use on a full account. In the demo mode the Control Panel is accessible. The created page can be uploaded onto a private intranet so that the creator can see what it would look like live. That’s a great feature……

Being able to get questions answered quickly and thoroughly is the goal of the Bluehost technical support desk. The friendly personnel are available by telephone. Customer queries are also answered by live chat and the wait time is minimal. I can testify to that as I have experienced their helpful support when needed.

The cPanel gives customers the choice of several tools to help manage their website. The ones that I use most often are File Manager, Unlimited FTP, Awstats, Webalizer, SiteLock, Site Backup, SEO Gears, and Spam Assasin. Of course, they have many more tools available to assist their customers with web site creation, maintenance, security, marketing, and training.

Bluehost can be an awesome partner for those of you looking to create a passive income website. Bluehost has 24 hour a day, seven days a week help for their customers. They know that your success is also their success. When working with a company that has this type of work ethic and entrepreneurial philosophy a favorable and profitable relationship can bloom. With $50 Facebook Ad Credit and $100 Google Adwords, what do you have to lose?

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16 Responses to “Need A Webhosting Company That You Can Trust? I’ve Got One For You”

  1. Paolo

    12. Jun, 2013

    I’ve been looking for an affordable, trustworthy webhosting site for my writeups and online novelettes. I’ve experienced before a very short duration of their service but expensive. THANKS!

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  2. Alissa

    12. Jun, 2013

    That looks pretty good! I might have to transfer my sites over to them once my year is up! Thanks for the info!

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  3. Sky

    19. Jun, 2013

    I use another webhosting company and have never had any issues with them but if anything should go wrong, I’ll have to remember all the positives of Bluehost – it’s always good to have a backup!

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    • VahnCross

      20. Jun, 2013


      I’m quite interested with the webhosting company you’re utilizing. What webhosting do you use? Thanks!

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  4. James

    22. Jun, 2013

    Do they have free templates you can base your design off of like

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      23. Jun, 2013

      James, yes they do…you can take their cPanel for a test drive if you want using the “cPanel Demo Login” on Bluehosts’ main page. Check it out….

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  5. Sarah Harris

    10. Jul, 2013

    Hi Dave,

    What do you think of WordPress? I’m looking into creating my own site and this seems to be most popular with a lot of bloggers.

    Also I’m a bit confused with all the different elements to a website. Am I right in that you must buy a domain, then get that hosted somewhere then design your site?

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  6. Matt

    10. Jul, 2013

    Pay per use on a monthly basis is a great way to get started. Have any of you started using this site yet? Any idea on how secure is this site since it is also offering online store?

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  7. Taha ayub

    14. Jul, 2013

    Would you advice getting a free hosting for blogs ?

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  8. Sarah Harris

    20. Jul, 2013

    Can you add other non-blog elements to a wordpress site though? Like have a blog, a portfolio, and a “hire me” page?


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    • Hassnain

      21. Jul, 2013

      Sarah , i think you can’t add these pages as a free account holder, i am not sure though , some one’s suggestion might be helpful.

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  9. John

    16. Aug, 2013

    I’ll have to check them out. Any advice for someone looking to start making passive income?

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  10. Zuri

    26. Aug, 2013

    I’ve had a decent experience with Bluehost but their webmail drives me insane!

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