Niche Site Tutorial: How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Day One – Why Amazon

Niche Site Tutorial: How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Day One – Why Amazon

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As some of you may know, I have a profitable niche site ( that I started in March of 2012. Even though it went live in 2012, it didn’t make any money that year for a variety of reasons…the main one being that it was not ranked in Google for any relevant keywords. If a site does not show up on the first page of Google’s SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) for a specific keyword phrase, then there is a high chance that it will not receive any visitors. In other words, forget about it…..

Funny thing is, I’m not sure how my site started ranking in Google for any of its keywords, but I do know the feeling I had the day I decided to take a peek at my Amazon Affiliate sales and saw that my first “Total Earnings” was close to $7. I know that’s not a lot, but it motivated me to start adding more content to the site in the form of articles and reviews. So, I started adding more quality content to my site this past spring and, not too long after, it started to rank higher in Google for even more keyword phrases (long tail keywords), meaning more visitors sent from my site to Amazon and that translated (and continues to translate) into more sales and commissions.

My site has done well over the past several months (with “well” being a relative term) as the traffic to it has increased thus resulting in increased Google Adsense revenue and Amazon Affiliate commissions. The Amazon Affiliate commissions have topped $100 for the past two months (September and October) and should surpass that mark again this month. The Google Adsense revenue surpassed the $20 mark last month and expectations are that it will do so again this month.

Partnering with Amazon as an affiliate has worked well for both sides. I’m bringing them visitors, they’re converting those visitors into sales at a 3.69% clip and paying commissions to me. So, it’s been a good thing.

I do understand that Amazon gets some flack for:

  • Not being able to offer their affiliate program in some states
  • Paying relatively small commissions ranging from 4% up to 8%

I get that, but I’m also here to tell you that I know of no better online marketplace whom you could build a website to piggyback on and make money from. Amazon converts very well….in other words, get your visitors to Amazon and they’ll take care of the rest. Sure, the commissions are low, but if you are promoting low-priced items, you are going to struggle if you aren’t sending a high volume of visitors to Amazon. What has worked for me is promoting high-priced items (typically, $100 or more). Yes, I will promote a few items under $100, but overall, I aim for high-priced items. Here’s a few reasons why I would recommend Amazon as a starting point for those looking to build affiliate sites:

  • Well-known, recognized, trusted brand – Who hasn’t heard of Amazon? Tell me, when it’s time to pick an online store to buy from, what name comes to mind? That’s what I thought….if it’s not the first store, then it’s probably in the top three.
  • 1,000’s and 1,000’s of products to choose from – you don’t have to get stuck with promoting under $10 items. They have products that are priced in the $1,000’s….can you promote those items, though? Maybe….you have to do your research.
  • “I’ll take this…oh, and let me get that, too” – Amazon visitors tend to buy more than one item. It does not matter what they buy as you will get a commission from each item for up to a 24 hour period after they have clicked your Amazon link. Whatever they buy on Amazon within a 24 hour period, you will get a commission for it. Very nice….
  • Higher Sales Volume During The Holidays – Depending on what item you are promoting, the holidays could be a boon for you….whether it’s Christmas, Mother’s Day, Valentines Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc., you could end up making a nice profit during the holidays.

Rather than just blabber on and on about how much I like the “Amazon Associate Program” and how it works with my site, I would like to walk you through how to build an Amazon affiliate-based niche site similar to the one that’s making me money right now.

Please note that I am not:

  • An Amazon Niche Site Expert (ANSE – just made that up) – I am only walking you through the steps that helped me build a profitable affiliate site. From the theme to plugins….you will see exactly what I used to build the site.
  • A keyword research expert – I am only walking you through the steps that helped me build a profitable affiliate site
  • An SEO expert – No one knows what Google or Bing will do in terms of what value they will place on links, what they consider quality content, etc.. We simply do not know, nor do I expect Google to be forthright in regards to releasing that type of info. Based on recent statements made by Matt Cutts of Google, I really do believe keywords and link quantity will continue to become devalued. Eventually, Author Rank, Social Rank, Social Signals, and Google Adwords will become major players in the success of a website as it relates to SERPs. Just a matter of time… quality content and the linking of that content to profiles (Google and Facebook in particular) are things that you should pay strict attention to.

I want to take this one step at a time so that you can absorb the information provided and make whatever tweaks you deem necessary. Of course, I’m always open to feedback and look forward to any suggestions that you may have.

Let’s get started….

First Steps:

  1. Find out if you state is eligible to participate in the “Amazon Associate Program” by visiting If your state is not listed, you can proceed to the next step…
  2. Go to and “Join” their Amazon Associate Program. Peruse their Operating Agreement…

Next “Niche Site Tutorial” will focus on identifying items/products to promote on your site…..

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7 Responses to “Niche Site Tutorial: How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Niche Site – Day One – Why Amazon”

  1. Adley

    05. Nov, 2013

    Big Dave,

    I wish I could sign up for the Amazon affiliate program but i’m in NC. They do not offer it here :-(. I was pissed when I went to sign up and they denied me. Oh well, I found some other affiliate program to promote products.

    Adsense has been picking up for me, It’s not a lot…yet but I need more traffic.

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      06. Nov, 2013


      Sorry to hear that Amazon does not offer their program for those in NC. Hopefully, that changes soon….what plans do you have for generating more traffic to your site?

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  2. Alex

    07. Dec, 2013

    Hi Dave, I love the tips and idea you have shared in this article. For me this is the best tips you have mentioned – “monotizing niche site with adsense and amazon” Looking forward to see more articles from you.

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  3. Alissa

    13. Feb, 2014

    Wow! I didn’t know that when someone clicks on one of my Amazon ads, ANYTHING they buy within the next 24 hours I get credit for.

    I’m going to try to advertise for higher ticket items… I didn’t think about doing that. Right now I pretty much have ads for books, with are only like .99! Thanks 🙂

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  4. Mia

    17. Feb, 2014

    Thank you Dave for always sharing stuff like this. Not everyone who’s successful will find time to share their experience and knowledge, but you do it anyway. Maybe it’s because you know what it feels to have nothing and want to help in any way you can so that anyone who’s experiencing what you’ve experienced in the past will know that there’s always a solution out there. You’re truly an inspiration to all of us!

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  5. Gale

    17. Feb, 2014

    I agree, Amazon is one of the best affiliate sites today. It’s such a big site and a lot of people buy their stuff from there. I know the commission is quite low, but the more you promote, the more money you make. Like in everything, you have to be dedicated to earn more.

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  6. Beatrice

    17. Feb, 2014

    Amazon’s affiliate program is really great, and a good start up point. It’s just too bad that they don’t offer it in some states. That would have been great for some people there. Hopefully they’ll make it available for them soon.

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