Niche Site Tutorial – How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Site – Day Three – WordPress Plugins

Niche Site Tutorial – How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Site – Day Three – WordPress Plugins

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In this session, we will discuss the plugins that I use for my niche sites.

  • Ultimate Noindex Nofollow Nofollow– As most of you know, the “Nofollow” attribute limits the amount of credit/”juice” a link receives as it relates to ranking websites in SERPs. That attribute tells the search engines to not follow a specific link or links on a web page. In other words, the link will not gain any positive benefits when it comes to PageRank, so supposedly, this is to dissuade spammers.
  •  Akismet – Raise your hand if you like spammers? That’s what I figured….no one like to have their blog spammed to death. You talk about a surefire way to never show up in the SERPs, just let spammers have their way with your website. In a nutshell, this plugin limits the number of spam comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks. I would guess that, due to Akismet’s longevity and effectiveness, it’s probably used on millions of blogs. You will need an Akismet API Key to utilize this plugin on your website. On the Akismet Signup Page, there are three  payment plans: “Personal”, “Professional”, and “Enterprise”. Choose the “Personal” plan which is basically a ‘pay what you want’ option. During a checkout process, there is a slider asking you: What is Akismet worth to you? If you set it down to $0, you will complete the checkout for free and the API key will be emailed to you.
  • Contact Form Clean and Simple – This is simple, minimalist contact form plugin for your website. As their site states, simply install, activate and add the “short code” on your “Contact Us” page. The plugin also includes a reCAPTCHA to help limit the number of spammers that use bots by having them correctly input words presented by the reCAPTCHA.
  • Google +1 – The name of the plugin pretty much speaks for itself. Add a Google +1 button to your post or page using “short code”. This is just my opinion, but I believe that adding a Google +1 and receiving a +1 has more value than a Facebook “Like”. If not now, then in the near future. From search engine rankings to impressions to traffic, the effects of +1’s will eventually be a powerful tool from an SEO standpoint. It’s the social influence of the link that gets Google’s attention and thus the links relevancy is increased in search results. Nice. Another benefit your site will receive after the +1 button is clicked is that the Google bot is notified, your page will be crawled again and indexed.
  • Google Analytics for WordPress – If you haven’t already done so, Sign Up for Google Analytics. Then, download, install and activate this plugin, add your tracking code and start tracking how many visitors you have and begin analyzing their behavior – which page/post is most visited, where did they come from, and so much more.
  • Google Privacy Policy –  A Google-compliant privacy policy that you can add to any page or post. If you plan to use Google Adsense, you should add this policy.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – Generates a sitemap for various types of WordPress pages which will help search engines index your blog. It will also notify Google via ping if there are any changes.
  • Video Sidebar Widgets – Add Youtube, Vimeo, BlipTV and other video sources to your blog. With this being a review site that we are building, you will definitely want to add some sort of video demonstration of the product you are reviewing. Potential buyers love to see the product in action.
  • ShareThis – Use this plugin to provide your visitors with an easy way to share your content with others. Social influence is the way to go….
  • WP-CopyProtect [Protect your blog posts] – Prevent your blog content from being copied. Restrict right-clicking or highlighting and copying of your content with this simple to use plugin.
  • WP Comparison Charts ($29) – Display vertical product comparison charts that potential buyers will find useful. Provide product specifications, pricing, and more using this plugin. I will walk you through how to customize the plugin in a future “niche site” tutorial.
  • Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin – This is a good SEO plugin that helps you analyze and optimize your site. It also generates XML sitemaps and more.

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3 Responses to “Niche Site Tutorial – How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Site – Day Three – WordPress Plugins”

  1. Daniel

    22. Nov, 2013

    Thanks for this list! One question: If the Yoast WordPress SEO plugin generates an XML sitemap, why are you also using the Google Sitemaps plugin?

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      25. Nov, 2013

      Hey Daniel, good question….the Google Sitemaps plugin offers a little more when it comes to customization, but either will work.

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  2. Martin

    25. May, 2015

    Great list, thanks. Definitely some things I can use to help me build a passive online income.

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