Niche Site Tutorial – How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Site – Day Four – Keyword Research

Niche Site Tutorial – How To Build A Passive Income Amazon Affiliate Site – Day Four – Keyword Research

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I consider this niche tutorial to be the most important tutorial in this series. Here’s one of my previous post on keyword research and why you really need to understand its impact on your sites success. Now, saying that, I really do believe Google is pushing more towards “authorship, social signals (combination of Google Pluses, Facebook Like, and Tweets), semantic relevance, and user experience” being the focal points of what they would consider being a “quality” site as opposed to “Exact Match Keywords and PageRank”.

Nevertheless, keywords and keyword phrases are important now. So, let’s focus on how to perform keyword research. Remember, in an earlier tutorial I mentioned to you that I am improving in the area of keyword research and I have no issues with telling you that – no ego problems here. With over a years experience doing keyword research, I know enough to consider myself an expert – pulling in a steady amount of traffic, generating sales, and Adsense revenue. Below, you will find some folks that know more than me about this topic and how to perform keyword research using Market Samurai (video tutorial made by Michael Brown of and Long Tail Pro (video tutorial made by Spencer Hawes of – two of the best keyword research tools on the market. I’ve included another tutorial on “How To Perform Keyword Research For Free” by Jon Ochs that you may find very informative.

Your goal is to:

  • Identify 10 keyword phrases using any of the tools/techniques outlined in the video tutorials below
  • Your primary/main keyword should have a search volume of at least 2,000 with a minimum CPC of $1
  • Secondary keyword phrases should have a search volume of at least 500 – no minimum CPC needed
  • Can you come up with 40 product reviews and titles based on the phrases you have identified? Please note that you will not need to write the product reviews or titles yourself- you can have a VA (Virtual Assistant) do that for you and your VA may be able to help you with it. Even so, you need to at least try to come up with some titles for your product reviews and articles. This will help determine your passion for that niche – if you don’t have a passion for that niche, your road to niche site success will be even more difficult.

In a later post, I will reveal my keyword phrases.

How To Do Keyword Research For Free

Market Samurai Tutorial #1Finding A Niche

Market Samurai Tutorial #2Analyzing The Competition

Long Tail Pro TutorialKeyword Research

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  1. Harvey

    12. Feb, 2014

    Some affiliate programs have restrictions on what keywords you use, because it affects their direct sales. Is there workaround for finding what keywords you CAN use that are just as effective?

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