SOLD My Niche Website and Made Over $1000 In Profit!!! Quick Tips For Making Your Website Attractive To Buyers…

SOLD My Niche Website and Made Over $1000 In Profit!!! Quick Tips For Making Your Website Attractive To Buyers…

Posted on 27. Feb, 2014 by in Archived Post

Wow, I’m so excited about what recently took place with my niche website….well, it’s not my site anymore. On February 13th, I was contacted by someone that had an interest in purchasing my site.


Of course, initially, I was skeptical and was not interested in selling it at the time. To get a feel of how serious this person was, I told him how much monthly revenue the website generated and what would his offer be. He said he would pay 10x earnings ($1,300) which was inline with my expectations.


So, I talked it over with my wife and she wanted me to confirm the monthly revenue. Well, after going over the numbers and going back and forth with the seller, I found out the monthly revenue was actually $145- 150. That was a nice little surprise. I bumped up the sale price, sent some proof of income, inquired about the domain transfer process, and we agreed on a sale price of $1,600.



An escrow was setup to handle the whole transaction and on February 27th I received a direct deposit of $1,590. Nice……



The whole process went smoothly…no complaints. I was and still am stoked about what took place last week. It confirmed my beliefs that I could do what others have been doing and do it well…..building websites and flipping for a profit. I’m guessing you want to know what my total investment was in the website. See below:

  • Domain name – $10
  • Domain name renewal – $18 (covers two years at $9 each year)
  • Template – $40
  • 15 Articles/Reviews – $200
  • SEO – $3oo

$578 was my investment and the site sold for $1600 which makes my profit just a tad over $1,000. I’ll take a profit like that any day of the week.

So, what did this whole experience teach me?

  1.  The ProReview Theme continues to be a great theme for review sites
  2. Finding good/great keywords is a skill that takes time and patience. A potential buyer will know whether or not you’re experienced at identifying traffic generating, buyer keywords.
  3. Have multiple article writer sources – I had a good one, but her schedule made it difficult to deliver on time – so, I sourced three writers and it worked out perfectly
  4. Elance, oDesk, Textbroker are great sources for product review writers, but they aren’t the only sources – I visited a couple of product-related forums and found folks interested in writing product reviews using the guidelines I sent them
  5. Amazon continues to be a great closer – get people to Amazon via your affiliate link(s) and they will more than likely “seal the deal” with a sale
  6. To get your visitors to Amazon, you need to provide Great Content that’s useful, informative, and helpful….it’s about Great Content….did I mention Great Content?
  7. My niche site (former site) started to rank even without me building one link to it – natural links and great keywords pushed my site up the rankings
  8.’s 5-step process was simple and straightforward. Took 5 business days to complete the transaction and receive funds.
  9. Make your content shareable with share-enabling plugins
  10. With great keywords, great content, and a great closer (i.e. Amazon) you can build a profitable site that can be flipped for a profit…I’m proof that it can happen IF you believe AND have a solid strategy in place

I’m working on a few other sites at them moment and hope to have them in a position to be flipped later this year. And, yes, I will be giving away a niche site soon. Check out my Keyword Research Packages as they are designed to provide a solid foundation for your niche site. Please feel free to share your comments below….

3 Responses to “SOLD My Niche Website and Made Over $1000 In Profit!!! Quick Tips For Making Your Website Attractive To Buyers…”

  1. Frank Joseph

    04. Mar, 2014

    Oh! Lucky you! And congratulations Big Dave.’
    And am going to target the keyword your shared freely with your visitors some days back.

    Am going to budget around $200 to get started, am waiting to finish the one am currently working on.
    Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!

    Between, I just saw the comment were you asked me for a podcast. So sorry i missed it!
    To be frank, i have never done that before and don’t sh*t about it. (cover face in shame).

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    • Big Dave

      Big Dave

      04. Mar, 2014

      LOL….Frank, thanks. Target the heck out of that keyword…lots of traffic potential there. I hope that you change your mind and join me on a podcast. Would be great to have you on.

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