Three Keys To Your Success In 2014 – Part Two – Maintain The Mind Of Success

Three Keys To Your Success In 2014 – Part Two – Maintain The Mind Of Success

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If you knew one of my best friends (for the sake of keeping his identity a secret, I’ll name him “Double AA” – if he read this, he would know that I’m talking about him) you would describe him as being a hard-working genius. What he has accomplished to date is amazing…not only is he a father, husband, friend, volunteer, sponsor, and supporter, but he’s a Stanford alum (graduated with a Masters in Engineering) and an established Senior Software Engineer for a major corporation. Some may say “that’s not such a big deal”, but I would argue that given the circumstances surrounding his youth, what he accomplished is indeed amazing. I won’t go into great details of his personal life as a teenager, but along with him being a hard-working person, an eternal optimist, I believe his positive attitude was the key to his success.

Your Outlook On Life

I wonder what if “Double AA’s” outlook on life would have been negative. I really doubt he would have come close to enjoying a successful life. If you look at his life and the lives of other success individuals, you will more than likely realize that what they have in common is a positive attitude.

If you expect to be successful at making passive income or making money online, you will certainly need to maintain a positive outlook in regards to your business. Your attitude starts with you. Avoid being like some folks that need others to constantly motivate them. You must choose to start the day with a positive attitude and maintain it regardless of what you encounter throughout the day. Sure, you may hit some rough spots….life will do that to you from time to time, but you are the only one who can literally force yourself to “mentally rebound” and get back on the “right road”. Don’t let temporary circumstances deteriorate your good attitude. Your attitude will be displayed in your actions. Positive attitude = positive actions in the most difficult circumstances and can inspire others. Negative attitude = negative actions and can potentially derail you and others.

Your Attitude Inspires

One reason why I feel blessed to have known “Double AA” is his enthusiasm and positive attitude. I remember being a high school classmate of his, watching him go through some painful situations and thinking “Man, this guy just never seems to let anything keep him down”. What appeared to be one “bad break” after another could not hold this young man down. One challenge after another and the guy would say “ain’t nothing to it, but to do it”. And he certainly would overcome any obstacle that he was confronted with. Poverty didn’t keep him down. A lack of resources didn’t keep him down. Family issues didn’t keep him down. He was and still is a “No Excuses” kinda guy. His passion, energy, and determination to succeed continues to be an inspiration to me. It helps fuel my desire to succeed. I think he intentionally passed that quality on to me and I thank him for it.

Muzzle The Negative

When you’re faced with a challenge, what thoughts run through your mind? What are you hearing? What are you telling yourself? Are you already giving up even before the “first punch” is thrown? I hope not….if you are, you need to find a way to “pump” yourself up. You have to learn how to keep your thoughts from trending downward once you come face-to-face with a challenge. And that starts with a process…..

Fix the “Tude” Dude

Begin by surrounding yourself with people that have positive attitudes. Now, I know that hanging around “Little Miss or Mr. Sunshine” can be somewhat annoying to from time to time (I understand), but get over it and soak up their positivity.

Find some positive material online, bookmark it and try to read at least one positive quote a day. Immerse your thoughts in positive, uplifting, encouraging material. The more positive material your mind consumes, the less operating room for any negative thoughts.

Start outlining several small goals that you can realistically achieve throughout the week/month. These are more “feel good” steps that can only help reinforce your positive mindset. Put those goals on the wall or set them up using Outlook’s Calendar or something similar and then strike them off every time to you fulfill one of your goals.

Get into your positive mindset early on this year by taking the steps above. By the end of this year, you will be mentioning your positive attitude as being one of the keys to your success in 2014.





12 Responses to “Three Keys To Your Success In 2014 – Part Two – Maintain The Mind Of Success”

  1. Brooke

    06. Feb, 2014

    I really agree with the last two steps about how to fix your attitude. It really feels good when you find an inspiring article online or see a quote on instagram that speaks directly to you. I feel great when I can implement them right away and use them in review of my goals.

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  2. ArtsyCarly

    06. Feb, 2014

    It really helps to have a friend that can serve as an example for what a positive attitude can do. It’s easy to look at people and see all that they’ve accomplished, but there’s nothing like having someone who has overcome, achieved and still has the energy to spread a little inspiration!

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  3. Alissa

    10. Feb, 2014

    Has anybody seen any good apps out there to download that maybe give daily inspirational quotes? Or are inspirational in some other way?

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  4. Mia

    12. Feb, 2014

    I completely agree that being surrounded by people who are so positive in life will benefit you. Try spending time with people who know nothing but to complain about all the bad things in life, and you will definitely become exactly like them. Complaining about pretty much anything doesn’t do anything. It just escalates all the bad feelings. Just stay positive, something good always comes out of that.

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  5. Beatrice

    12. Feb, 2014

    I can relate to the part about reading inspirational articles, well in my case they’re verses from the bible that comes with a short paragraph which explains the whole message of the verses. Verses, inspirational articles or quotes, or whatever you want to read, if it makes you look at life in a more positive way, then you’ll be on the right track.

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  6. Gale

    12. Feb, 2014

    I think staying positive in such difficult times in our life is so hard, especially when there are trials after trials. I know i’m going through them right now, and it’s just hard to stay positive at this point. But then i also know that if i allow myself to be down even more, then there’s no way for me to find solutions to my problems. And i don’t want that. I don’t want to be the person who gives up just because she doesn’t have the will to stay positive.

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  7. April

    18. Feb, 2014

    I’ve finally gotten in the habit of goal-setting, but I have a difficult time keeping my goals in mind. I’m currently reviewing them every three months but it doesn’t seem often enough. How do you stay on track?

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    • Alissa

      25. Feb, 2014

      I don’t. 🙁 I am TERRIBLE with sticking to goals. I’ve tried everything I can think of! If you figure something out, come back and let me know…

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